Filing a Complaint with the State

Filing a Complaint with the State

In California the Licensing division of the California Department of Health allows any person to file a complaint against a nursing home. They are the State agency responsible for enforcing laws that apply to nursing homes. As with any State agency, they do not always have the resources, authority or motivation to fully investigate all claims. If Licensing does not find a violation, it does not mean it did not happen. If you feel you or a family member has been harmed, contact the Law Offices of Joseph M. Earley, III, APC for a free and confidential consultation.

For Instructions on How to File a Complaint with the California Department of Health (Licensing) against a Nursing Home

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Visit your Family Member Often and Not at Routine Times

If a family member is in a nursing home or residential care facility it is best to visit often and at different times. If you suspect something is wrong, do not be afraid to speak up and voice your concern.  Ideally, complaints will be made in writing, copied, and given to the Administrator. For instance, with bed sores, it is much easier to prevent the formation of a pressure ulcer than to treat one that has already formed. Although it is ultimately the facility’s responsibility to properly administer care and follow proper standards, it is incumbent upon families of residents to speak up if they feel their loved one is being neglected.  Facilities know which residents’ families are paying attention.