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A whistleblower is someone who discovers nefarious activity and reports it to the proper authorities. Although you are doing the right thing by outing inappropriate, illegal, or fraudulent behavior, that may not stop your employer or the entity in question from illegally retaliating. If you find yourself in need of a whistleblower attorney, work with an experienced legal professional.

At The LAW OFFICES OF JOSEPH M. EARLEY, III, APC, Cameron Easterling is proud to work with those who stand up for what is right, and he will ensure that those in question do not treat you in a way that is illegal after you reveal their wrongdoings. Our firm can represent those in and around Chico, CA.

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Why Blow the Whistle?

You may decide to out a private or public organization for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your place of employment is unsafe and does not follow OSHA safety regulations. Or maybe you discover that a non-profit charity that you volunteer for is pocketing the majority of the money that they make. In these situations, you may decide to expose the company to help cease this behavior.

No matter if said behavior is immoral, unsafe, fraudulent, or downright illegal, you can always count on Cameron Easterling from The LAW OFFICES OF JOSEPH M. EARLEY, III, APC to provide you with the legal protection, counsel, and representation that you deserve for your bravery in coming forward.

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