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Practice Areas


Elder Neglect/Abuse

Elder abuse/neglect is a continuing and devastating problem. This office is committed to protecting the elderly from physical, emotional and financial abuse. Our primary focus is protecting residents of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Far too frequently residents in these facilities are injured or die because of neglect or substandard care. Such poor care is nearly always associated with under-staffing and lack of training and/or supervision. While most caregivers at these facilities are hardworking and caring, the owners and/or administrators simply refuse to pay for sufficient staff to accommodate the needs of their residents. The Law Offices of Joseph M. Earley takes elder abuse cases very seriously and will fight aggressively to obtain compensation for and protection of neglected and abused elders.

Employment Law / Retaliatory Discharges

An important part of our commitment to serving our community is protecting the people who try to follow the law and do the right thing as an employee. The Law Offices of Joseph M. Earley focuses on protecting the rights of employees who are discriminated against for protecting the rights of others.

General Civil Litigation / Personal Injury

If you have been injured due to someone's carelessness, we can help or direct your to other competent attorneys. We have experience litigating civil actions. Mr. Earley works in association with a wide network of legal specialists who are also committed to helping injured and otherwise mistreated individuals. Consultations are free.

Estate Planning Services

The Law Offices of Joseph M. Earley has been providing estate planning services in the Northstate since 1993. Failure to have an appropriate estate plan can have detrimental consequences, financially and emotionally. Our office strives to make the estate planning process enjoyable, affordable and comfortable. Our office provides a 30-minute free consultation.